My radio turned itself on and of!?

Answer It's probably just the wiring from movement. My lamp light has been doing this lately. Like you'll move a chair to a different spot or you'll walk, and the light will shut off or turn on because th... Read More »

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Light turned on by itself.....?

you sir have the ghost of christmas past in your home, gods speed son

The tv turned on by itself while i'm browsing the internet about illuminati?

It turned on because you hit the remote. Duh.

O.O My webcam turned on itself i feel like im being stalked?

for now, post- it cover the webcam. There are all kinds of flash vulnerabilities, etc. that people can take advantage of, and that is just the tip of the iceberg in a sense... Nice that peeping tom... Read More »

Sony projection screen first lines then turned yellow and shuts itself off but still have sound?

Sounds like one of two things. The G2 setting is running away (most likely because of a bad focus pack or a shorting gun in one of the tubes) or you've got some dirty tube sockets.