My radio turned itself on and of!?

Answer It's probably just the wiring from movement. My lamp light has been doing this lately. Like you'll move a chair to a different spot or you'll walk, and the light will shut off or turn on because th... Read More »

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Do the batteries in a radio or iPod run low if the volume is turned up loud?

A high volume level is among the many factors that can decrease battery life in MP3 players and radios. Increased screen usage, files with higher bit rates and even larger headphones can cause the ... Read More »

If you are soon to be 16 and you think you might be pregnant by your boyfriend who just turned 18 and you are not sure if it was conceived before or after he turned 18 can your parents press charges?

Answer It depends on if you are classified as a minor in the State you live in. Yes, if you are a minor you parents could press charges against your boyfriend, but it hardly makes sense to do so b... Read More »

My printer won't respond when I try to print. Troubleshooter says it is turned off, but it is turned on.?

It may be offlineFirst, check to see if all connections are secure and in placeStart Devices and printersRight click your printer iconSelect see what's printingClick on the word printerRemove ch... Read More »

When you turned off your computer then its does not turned off but its restart why?

maybe you are accidently hitting restart or you have you computer programed to do that.