My question is about copying DVDs from my camcorder?

Answer If you can get NERO to work, it will do it. If I start with a fresh installation of Windows XP and a fresh installation of NERO, NERO will work for a while. Don't interrupt NERO with a mouse or k... Read More »

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Question about copying DVDs in k3b (ubuntu)?

Brasero is better for this task which is installed as default on Ubuntu…LUg.

Is copying DVDs illegal?

It is only legal to copy DVDs in certain situations. Under the fair use doctrine of U.S. copyright law, copying a DVD for personal, noncommercial use, such as creating a backup copy, is considered ... Read More »

Copying videos from camcorder to pc!!?

get an SDcard, save or copy the same video into the SDcard, and then put the SDcard into your computer hope this helps :)

What is CPRM as it relates to copying movies to DVDs?

CPRM stands for Content Protection for Recordable Media. The encryption is built into copyrighted DVDs, and it prohibits people from making a copy of the DVD. It was designed to prevent piracy of ... Read More »