My pushup ability has doubled in about 8 days. Does this sound feasible?

Answer If its doubled from around 5 to 10 or even 10 to 20 then yeah that sounds feasible. As Davie said, if you are new to exercise or returning after a long break then its pretty easy to make some good... Read More »

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Are solar panels feasible for residential use?

Not only are solar panels feasible for energy use, but the federal government offers tax credits for cost and installation of photovoltaic systems (solar panels), if they provide electricity for a ... Read More »

Would it be feasible and safe to grow a decorative mushroom in a small pot If so, where could I get one?

Not really. The mushroom, which is the fruiting body of a much larger underground organism (mycelium), only lives for a few days before it releases spores and dies, and most of them are only found ... Read More »

Should I get a pushup bra?

It's all about what makes you feel great about yourself. A light push up is definitely appropriate for your age.

What are the largest vacuum Tubesexcluding TV and Radar with regards to number of electrodes Is 26 Contacts feasible?

Uplinking refers to the transmission of a signal via a satellite from one terrestrial location to another location and then ultimately the signal can be distributed to the end users.What is the rol... Read More »