My puppy just bit my hand. help?

Answer Every time you get bitten? Seems to me you and the dogs you meet need to take anger management classes.You shouldn't need a shot ...infection could be a serious problem if not treated properly ...c... Read More »

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PLEASE Help.. My 86 year old mother`s left hand and wrist just for no reason started getting very bad pains ?

In wish i can give a sure answer but i can't but I'm sending u the WeB MD website which many people say it's good when it comes to finding out information like this. I hope it helps & hope your mom... Read More »

How to Teach Your Puppy With Hand Signals?

Have you tried getting your new puppy to respond to your voice but so far all it does is get all the tricks confused? Try hand signals instead. You can teach your dog to sit, stay, and lie down. It... Read More »

My dog just bit my hand?

it is jsut nothing don t worry.your dog vaccinated against rabies?

HELP HELP HELP URGENT i just got a cavity and my teeth really hurt, i dont want to take pill,anyother options?

dont want to take medication? then you probably deserve the pain, stfu and stop whining