My ps3 blew up my tv?

Answer Oh dear.Well I Would Look On The Sony Website It Might Give You Numbers. Also Call In Someone In To Look At Your TV I Doubt It Will Work Sorry.

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How Do I Know If I Blew My Subwoofer?

If you blow a subwoofer it is really difficult to repair and usually means the end of your speaker. A blown subwoofer is usually caused by physical damage to the speaker or by melting the voice coi... Read More »

My computer just blew up?

Well computers and some tv's and ipods run on smoke, If the smoke comes out of them they won't work anymore

How to care for a blew out ear help please?

I just had this happen to me. I was stretching up to 9/16" and the plugs I used had latex in them and I had a bad reaction. So now I'm back to 00". My advice would be to soak them in Epsom salt. It... Read More »

Who blew up the USS Maine?

Nobody for sure knows who or why the USS Maine exploded. Witness reports say that she blew up out of no where. The U.S & Cuba blamed Spain as the responsible one for destroying the battleship.Poss... Read More »