My prints are coming out very pink and stripey, any ideas?

Answer Change your colour cartridge. You have run out of ink.

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I just filled my ink cartridge and when it prints out it prints out pink what should i do?

Try running the cartridge head cleaning routine to get any dried ink out of the cartridge 's jet opening. Run the nozzle-check test and you will see which color is not printing. When the test shows... Read More »

Thin pink lines on my prints from Epson Stylus Photo 830 Printer?

The heads need a serious cleaning."Some suggestions for unclogging your Epson printer"…"After trying cleaning cycles, you can try my trick of carefully dri... Read More »

My ML- 2851ND is making a very loud grinding noise when it prints?

Here is the support site, they will be able to help you,…Here is the eMail address,… Read More »

I need VERY CHEAP VERY EASY dinner ideas.?

Hmm.. Some good low budget meals but also healthy.. :Breakfast:Eggstoastpoptartsget a big box of Cheerio's/ the un named brand one.oatmealcreme of wheatorange juicewaterapple juice.Kool-aid ( i kno... Read More »