My printer won't print magenta?

Answer If you haven't used your printer regularly (some printers need to be used once a week, others once a month & some anywhere in between), the ink will dry & clog the printheads (magenta is the worst ... Read More »

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My canon printer suddenly wont print magenta and yellow. I just refilled the ink. What to do?

I really hope you didn't use universal ink. Canons use a very thin ink. If so replace cartridges with name brand before completing the next step. What you need to do now is print head/nozzle clean... Read More »

My printer won't print red/magenta?

The magenta printhead MAY be blocked, damaged, or has failed.The printheads in Epson printers are NOT on the cartridge, they're built into the printer itself. This will mean you disassembling your... Read More »

My printer won't let my print off my BLACK-worded document because the MAGENTA ink is low- help?

You can try going into your print settings/preferences and checking black only. With Epson printers you need to keep a watchful eye on your ink levels, because if you are out of ink, you can not pr... Read More »

Wireless printer wont print (laptop says printer offline)?

Try uninstalling the printer driver software & then reinstalling it.I've got an HP wireless printer that does the same thing on occasion.