My printer says 1 document pending, but I can't get it to go away. What should I do?

Answer Try stopping the Print spooler. 1. Click Start 2. Click Control Panel 3. Click Administrative Tools. 4. Click on Services 5. Scroll down to Print Spooler and click on it. 6. Then click on Stop then... Read More »

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Returned a broken printer. Does that printer retain my 'pending' prints?

You're OK. Your "pending Prints" are retained in your computers Print Spooler and shouldnt be available to the printers memory. If its a relatively cheap consumer printer with internal hard drive ... Read More »

How to Delete a Document in a Pending HP PSC 1300?

The HP PSC 1300 is a line of HP all-in-printers, which means that they copy, scan and print images all in one device. Sometimes you might accidentally press the print button more than once and have... Read More »

My printer is not working. I try to print something, and it will not do anything, it says its pending?

try rebooting or unplugging it briefly and then plugging it back in i've had to to that before..if anything try re-installing the software again if that's necessary for operation

HP printer and mac 'pages' document! HELP PLEASE?

Open the email in an application before printing it.