My printer prints word docs fine,,but will not print scaned text that open with photo shop etc?

Answer anything opening with photoshop is a PICTUREwhen scanning text you should use an OCR utility like omnipage.there are a number of ways to perform scanning1 open application(eg MS-word or adobe photo... Read More »

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Can a photo printer print regular Microsoft Word text documents?

of course, but make sure you choose black an white while printing for text docs.

HP Printer C4700 will not print the black text in word documents?

Even if you have a full black ink cartridge, in order to print with black ink, the color ink cartridges have to have ink in them. They can't be empty or real lowWITH MOST PRINTERS, you are required... Read More »

HP printer 5850 prints a test print automatically after each print command is executed!?

This will fix that problem for youPlease follow exactly and IN ORDER.1. Turn off the printer and wait 10 seconds. Turn it on again2. Let the printer print the test page.3. After the test page is pr... Read More »

How do i print an e mailEvery time i try it only prints the heading not the text?

1.Highlight all of the email u want2.Copy 3.Open Word & Paste it there.4.Now Print using File>>Print