My printer prints everything crooked?

Answer Check if the paper is in straight and when it goes in also check if it goes in straight and not crooked

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Returned a broken printer. Does that printer retain my 'pending' prints?

You're OK. Your "pending Prints" are retained in your computers Print Spooler and shouldnt be available to the printers memory. If its a relatively cheap consumer printer with internal hard drive ... Read More »

Is it posible that one printer prints less pages than another printer (different model) w/ the same cartridge?

Yes, cartridge capacity is not exact plus some printers are stingier than others yet the shading is hard to tell just eyeing it.

My printer prints pictures in purple?

If it prints in purple, you are missing yellow ink. When you mix red / blue, that will give a purple tint.You may need to clean the print head itself with alcohol and a Q-tip. They may be clogged. ... Read More »

How to Get Clear Fine Art Prints on an HP Printer?

If you work as a fine artist, creating your own fine art prints offers you much in terms of control of the use of your image and the number of prints for which you must pay at a given time. Using a... Read More »