My printer only print in colours come?

Answer it is likely your printer "black" nozzles are dirty (obstructed) by ink.if your printer utility has a "clean nozzles" utility use it, else use a little wet (not dripping) ear stick and try to clean... Read More »

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Can a 3d printer print colours/textures?

3-D PrintersMakiBox A6 $300 Desktop 3D Printer | Dangerous PrototypesDrone writes about a new 3d printer project he's found: MakiBox A6 is a new crowd-funded project by Jon Buford in Honk Kong. Pri... Read More »

Why my printer print yellow only?

And the printer is what make and model......? At least give us a hint. You just missed a printer technician that was willing to help but can't cause you gave us nothing to work with in diagnosing... Read More »

Why does my printer only print out 1 page?

That's a good question.What operating system, programs (& versions) to print are you using?What make & model is your printer?What type of document are you trying to print?

Printer will only print one program?

Hello, HP support Forum this site will help with your problem or problems, and information that you may need...… ... Read More »