My printer keeps saying "Paper is jammed"?

Answer Remove the paper. Move your paper holder back and then to the paper.Look inside the roller to see if anything is caught in there.If all else fails, pull the plug and start over.

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Trying to get 4x6 Photo paper to print but my printer keeps saying there is no paper loaded?

Double check to make sure that you selected the correct paper size, type & paper tray in the application & job you're using. Sounds like it's looking for different paper in a different tray to prin... Read More »

My printer keeps on saying it has a paper jam, but there's no paper in it. help?

It is a good question and I wish I could help. My daughter has the same one and it does the same thing. We have tried everything including reinstalling and downloading drivers from HP, nothing ha... Read More »

My printer keeps saying its out of paper D:?

Magikou is correct. HP printer load the paper from the from - I have one. This allows them to be neater is designer. Pull down the flap in the very front - mine is grey but yours may be different ... Read More »

I have a Brother Printer which keeps saying no paper, but I have paper?

MP Tray refers to the Manual Feed Paper tray in your printer. One reason it may be asking you to feed paper in the MP tray is because the paper size or type that the application you're using to pri... Read More »