My printer keeps getting jammed!!?

Answer You may have dirty rollersTry cleaning the paper sensor and rollersThe sensor can be located by opening the front cover where the ink cartridges are. While looking inside just to the right of cente... Read More »

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EPSON printer. My printer has jammed ,it wil not print any thing ,can someone help me please?

totally agree with him .my pen always falls down the back if not they are 2 a penny now for £20 except your losses and pick up a new one

My printer's jammed, what do I do?

press the cancel button or try pulling the paper from the back of the printer(open the back door and do it)

What to do with a paper jammed printer?

When paper misfeeds & doesn't reach certain paper sensors, it will often give that kind of error. You have a few possible problems. 1) The paper pickup/feed rollers are dirty or worn & are not pick... Read More »

My printer keeps saying "Paper is jammed"?

Remove the paper. Move your paper holder back and then to the paper.Look inside the roller to see if anything is caught in there.If all else fails, pull the plug and start over.