My printer is printing small letters how do I change it ?

Answer Hi OliviaGo in the printer preferences and change the options to "print as in document" and make sure that 'scaled to it is not checked'.Maybe, you scaled it down by accident. Also, make sure that ... Read More »

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Why is my epson bx300f printer printing small text?

Hi Anthony.The size of text printed on paper depend on size text set in text should also check print preview before you sent text on printer. Most text editors have that function (MS Wor... Read More »

How can i change the size of font,that my printer is printing?

Change the font size in your application that you are using to print i.e word, notepad

My printer is only printing symbols,even when i change the font whats wronge?

Open the Printer section of the Control Panel, and DELETE everything in the Printer Queue. Then UNPLUG the printer for a few moments, so that the current print process is totally gone. Plug the p... Read More »

My printer is printing a test page every time I turn it there a setting that I need to change?

You don't say what make and model it is. If it has a scanner built in then you usually have to scan the test page once it's printed it. If you don't it won't align the new cartridges.