My printer is broken, should I go on strike for the day?

Answer I suggest you first take a baseball bat to your boss, who should know better than to let an employee be idled for a lengthy period of time. Then take the rest of the day off. After all that vigor... Read More »

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Returned a broken printer. Does that printer retain my 'pending' prints?

You're OK. Your "pending Prints" are retained in your computers Print Spooler and shouldnt be available to the printers memory. If its a relatively cheap consumer printer with internal hard drive ... Read More »

How can i fix my broken printer ?

How can i tell you how to fix it if i don't know what's wrong with it besides the fact that it's broken? Ask a better question...

My printer is broken, how do I print?

Find an A4(ish) piece of timber, carve what you need into it, get a paint roller and some paint, roll the paint onto your carving, then press it onto paper, this should leave a print of what you ne... Read More »

Can you set up wireless printer if usb ports are broken ?

Maybe, but it depends on the make & model of printer, which you didn't mention, as to if it can or not. Many printers require a USB connection to a computer initially to set it up for wireless comm... Read More »