My printer is being a bloody bugger. Help >.<?

Answer Does the printer show on your devices?=Did you install drivers?-Printer make & model?

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Is a bloody nose related to being pregnant?

Answer Yes, it can be, within a couple days of conception I had a minor nose bleed, which is very unusual for me, it was one of my first signs of pregnancy. from englishangel I think that was coinc... Read More »


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Cant bloody sleep! HELP!?

masturbate.No sleeping pills you can get addicted to those things! Or they have really bad side effects...They're bad for you!!if not masturbation, cuddle with your dog or something?i've also heard... Read More »

Would being an MP in the National Guard help increase your chances of being hired in Dea?

Honestly, it's a bit doubtful, but it can't hurt, either.