My printer hates me! HELP!!?

Answer I truly hate printers (in fact I hate most peripherals) as I have constant problems with them.I once had a very acrimonious relationship with a flat bed scanner which I came to name after my first ... Read More »

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What are you going to do when your mom tell you that she hates you and she hates the day you were born?

Just walk away theres nothing you can truly do but know that your here for a reason but dont do anything youll regret nor kill yourself and if you hurt them later on itll hurt u trust me.

How To Help a Child That Hates School?

Dr. Judy Willis, neurologist and middle school teacher, reports in the July 2010 issue of "Psychology Today" that a child who shows negativity towards school probably has a healthy brain that's try... Read More »

My crush signed off facebook! so scared he hates me, help!?

Your acting stupid. It has happened to me before when I have clicked on someone's name to chat with them and they sign off. It is a problem with Facebook.

How can i help my daughter with her constipation problem She hates green veg.?

What about non-green veggies? Do you only give them to her cooked? Kids generally love fresh veggies. You can cut them up and provide some dip to make it fun to eat. Instead of just serving the... Read More »