My printer has color ink, but it doesn't print with color?

Answer Maybe you have the wrong setting down, you know, for ex. HP Officejet 5600. Or maybe you've got the gray-scale turned on, so it only prints black and white.

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Why does my printer use color ink even though i print no color documents?

If you don't have a black ink cartridge set up to specifically print for black only, then it uses the colors to make black ink but it's not real black. You can set the printer options to print in g... Read More »

Why won't my HP printer print in color?

I had an HP that wouldn't print blue, no matter what. It might be defective.

Why wont my printer print in color?

There is a possibility that your color cartridge has dried out from not being used. Look to see if you have an option to clean cartridge. if so, try that. If not, you might need a new cartridge.

My printer is stuck on color print?

Here is a site that will help ...Hey, If this information helped or you appreciate the effort, volt best answer...