My printer doesn't work and i have to do a homework for tomorrow?

Answer Many options: 1. Print it at the library 2. Get to school early and print it there3. Email it to your teacher4. Have a friend print itOr tell us your printer problem and maybe we can fix it?

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My printer doesnt work any help please?

Toast is fine, but the beans are a bit messy. Try washing it down with a cup of tea or coffee, without sugar of course.

Printer doesnt' work?

Sounds like your printer is not not on like. How to trouble shoot and fix your Wireless and wired internet connection.… Read More »

My printer doesnt want to work.?

That proprietary IPOD junk is the problem. NOT the printer or the computer.

Why doesnt my printer work?

Hi BuddyPower the printer on and remove the usb cable from the printer and re-install the software.The software will install half and tell you to plug in the usb cable to the Lexmark.Do it.The soft... Read More »