My printer doesn't print the red line under misspelled words?

Answer ...You're kidding right?What printer have you EVER used that did that?

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My HP Deskjet 6840 printer has gone "off line" and wont print. How do I get it back "on line" Help please?

Read the fine manual.If you've been silly and thrown it out, here's the HP Support page where you can download it again.…

When i type Pregonewt, my computer doesnt put the squiggly red mispelling line under it?

Pregonewt, well mine does have the red squiggly line under it. You must have a special computer that adds words you use frequently. I added babby and babbies to mine I got sick of seeing red lines ... Read More »

I have a lexmark z2r printer that i rarely use. then it doesnt print well. does the ink dry up?

same think happends to me and i do the same as you very costly. the ink levels are fine but it drys up when you do not use it. espcialy the collor as i just print off word docs so my colour rayl ge... Read More »

Top Misspelled Office Words?

Your business can appear instantly unprofessional if misspelled words are in official office documents and company releases. In a world where texting and quick emails have become primary means of b... Read More »