My printer and scanners are not working.

Answer tel us t error u get to help u...:)

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I have canon pixma mp160 2 in 1 printer. when i on the printer alarm lights glow printer not working.?

Here is the support site

How many types of scanners and printersand how these are working in detail?

Hundreds, if not thousands. If you want detail, look them up on Wikipedia or by using Google.

Please tell me information about different types of printer & scanners with their pictures?

Main 3types of printers :(1)Line printer(2)dot matrix printer(3)laser printer

Are there any sturdy recommendable in-expensive ink jet printer / scanners other than Lexmark?

I recommend Epson cx8400 scanner/copier/printer because of the print quality and the warranty. For a year Epson will express-ship a replacement and pick up the old one. Ink cartridges are expensiv... Read More »