My printer Lexmark Z730, keeps rejecting refilled ink cartridges.please help me.?

Answer HiRefilled cartrdige rarely work well on Hp and Lexmark. The printer will reject them and it will also void your warranty because the refilled cartridge tend to damage the print head.Try an origina... Read More »

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HP printer. Cartirdge. Should we use original or refilled. Is refilled safe for printer?

Refilled is ok although some cartridges contain chips that tell the printer when they're empty .. and at times refilling them wont alter the info on the chip so the printer might think the ink is o... Read More »

Im having trouble sizing a photo for it keeps rejecting my pic?

I had the same problem this morning. I think the problem is with the site. At first it would reject my pic; I'd try the same pic again & it would take it. Also, once I got to the "Simpsonize" pa... Read More »

Can a Lexmark ink cartridge be refilled?

Most ink cartridges can be refilled, and Lexmark cartridges are no exception. According to Printer Country, however, there are different methods for refilling the Lexmark color cartridges and black... Read More »

How to Use Refilled Ink in a Lexmark 2500?

The Lexmark 2500 is a multifunction printer, copier and scanner that uses inkjet printing technology. The ink cartridges that are used by the 2500 can be refilled for repeated use as an alternative... Read More »