My pointe shoes hurt my big toe why?

Answer NO! It is very bad to wear pointe shoes without training! TAKE THEM OFF. You will hurt yourself! Most ballerinas have a good 5 or more years of training before they can ever start pointe! You need... Read More »

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How to Tie Pointe Shoes?

Ever wondered how to tie beautiful pointe shoes? Follow these easy steps and you'll know how! Note: This is only one of tons of ways to tie your pointe shoes!

How to Decorate Old Pointe Shoes?

Are you a dancer, who has way more old pointe shoes than you know what to do with? Then read on! This technique will use permanent markers to dye the shoe funky colors! They make cool wall hangings... Read More »

How to De Shank Pointe Shoes?

This is a constructive guide on how to de-shank pointe shoes. These de-shanked versions can be worn in place of regular ballet flat shoes and help the dancer prepare for performing en pointe since ... Read More »

How to Darn Pointe Shoes?

Pointe ShoesDarning pointe shoes has become out of practice due to a lack of knowledge about it. However, darning the tips will help your feet look more arched, break in the shoe exactly right, and... Read More »