My pizza says 'keep frozen' and 'cook thoroughly'?

Answer No! You did it wrong. Everyone knows you just cook the box and plastic wrap. You leave the pizza frozen. Enjoy :)

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How to Cook a Frozen Pizza in a Microwave?

It's easy to cook a frozen pizza in a microwave. Most frozen pizzas have microwave directions right on the box. Does this Spark an idea?

Stupid question.......when using chicken on pizza do you cook the chicken 1st or cook it on the pizza?

only cooked meats go on a pizza..never raw

Do pizza ovens cook pizza more efficent than a traditional oven?

Pizza ovens do cook pizza more efficiently than a traditional oven because pizza ovens are specially designed to make pizza better. The pizza ovens won't burn your pizza or overcook like a traditio... Read More »

How to Cook Pizza on a Pizza Stone?

Pizza stones make great crusts!A pizza stone is a very useful tool and very cheaply sourced from many stores. There is a special way to use them however to prevent your pizza failing, but they can ... Read More »