My pirated internet connection is weak and slow. Whom should I complain to?

Answer Let me fix that for you. We have faster internet and an extra bedroom.

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Slow internet connection?

Two things you have to remember. One, the difference between the small b and the upper case B. Small b is bits, upper case B is Bytes, where there are 8 bits.Two, ISP's offerings are always "UP T... Read More »

Why is my internet connection slow?

Yeah that does seem strange because you can download at 300kb/s and then for some reason it goes down to 20. If it isn't someone in your house using the internet as well because if 2 people are dow... Read More »

My internet connection is slow?

No duh. The farther you get from the router on a wireless connection, the worse it will be. Move it back or run a network cable.

How to Speed up a Slow Internet Connection?

A slow internet connection wastes time, turns streamed videos into bad slideshows, and puts your computer in real danger of being lobbed out the window. Here are some steps you can take to fix or i... Read More »