My pictures have been put on google without my permission!?

Answer They haven't been 'put' on google. Google is a search engine - it searched - and found. I have some pictures on Facebook and Myspace. When I go to google images and put my real name in - guess who'... Read More »

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If a photograph has been used without permission by a magazine what is the legal situation and how should one proceed?

if it can be shown that the photograph was used to make a profit, sue the magazine for violating your copyrighted piece of artwork. If the photograph is strictly for educational purposes and there ... Read More »

I have been writing for Google for two months, but I haven't made a penny. Google has posted ads on the site..?

Well you might have the best website in the world, if no body know you exist your screwed.if no body know you exist nobody can click on you adsi would have clicked on you ad if you would have joine... Read More »

What should you do if your name has been put on an auto policy without your permission?

This sort of thing usually occurs because you are licensed at the home address of another insured driver. If you are licensed at the same address with another driver then his insurance company req... Read More »

Many gmail accounts have been hacked says Google. Do you think gmail’s security has been compromised?

Google should implement best possible security for Gmail accounts. Google's all product whether Adwords (95% revenue generator for Google), Adsense, YouTube, and others, also latest Google Wallet s... Read More »