My pictures come out blurry!!!!!!!!!?

Answer Blurry PicturesThe cause for the blur is the movement of the camera while the shutter is open, this is commonly known as "camera shake". If your camera is set to "Auto" the ammount of time the shu... Read More »

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How do you fix nikon L100 blurry pictures they are only people that come out blurry or grainy?

Blur is one thing that cannot be corrected in photo editing software. For grain watch video from related links below answer.

What causes pictures to be blurry?

Maybe try the ones with "anti-shake" feature?* Canon calls it Image Stabilization or IS.* Nikon calls it Vibration Reduction or VR. (Watch out for eVR or electronic Vibration Reduction such as on t... Read More »

The Quickest Way to Fix Blurry Pictures?

Blurred images spell disaster for the perfectionist photographer. While blur can occasionally add an artistic touch or convey a sense of speed or direction, it often ruins an otherwise acceptable p... Read More »

How do you fix blurry pictures on iPad 2?

You can't. Take the picture again and try to hold it still. More light helps a lot too.