My period won't go away!?

Answer I've had this before, it was a hormonal imbalance. So just go see your doctor. Don't worry though your fine!!!

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Redness wont go away?

At this point, neosporin wont help. You no longer have an open wound.You might try one of those scar creams to help reduce the redness.

Why wont my acne go away?

Your acne will not go away over night, it does take time. I know what you are going through because I have acne as well.First of all, try not to pick the acne, because it will lead to acne scaring ... Read More »

Lip piercing swelling wont go away!?

Why not just wear a hoop til it heals? Sometimes ya gotta compromise.

Headache wont go away help?

Something is messed up. Try these stretches, they help a lot