My period is starting the same day as school!?

Answer Hey, don't worry.The next time you go down to the stores, search for always pads. There are so many different products to choose from, and if you are especially worried, choose their night pads - w... Read More »

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You have very sharp cramping in pelvic area and period is due in a week is this a pregnancy symptom or a new sign you will be starting your period?

Starting my period soon?

It all depends on the signs. The discharge is one of them. I got mine when I was in fifth grade, and I could tell by the signs. There was discharge before anything happened, and then there was also... Read More »

How to Know when You're Starting Your Period?

Scared about your period? Don't worry, it's a part of life for girls. Or, do you think you might start soon? Take these steps to see if you might be starting soon.

Period after starting birth control?

The blood could be due to some kind of vaginal bleeding or vaginal tears, and not period blood. You should get it investigated.