My period is late Help ?

Answer Sometimes in the start it is irregular - it will go back to normal soon. If it doesn't by the next month or two then you have to start thinking about telling someone. Even now if you re nervous I w... Read More »

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Your last period was on jan4 2007 it lasted 4 days 28-30cycle n you had sex on the 15th of Jan n had egg white mucus did you ovulate early n is your period late if so how late?

Answer Jan 4 would be Day 1.Jan 15 would be Day 12, and if this was the first day of "egg white", then your ovulation should've occurred approximately three days later on Jan 18.Your period should... Read More »

My period was 3 days late plz help?

Well, if you are pregnant it is too early for breast pain. Im sure it was too early for a pregnancy test. Your cycle is just "off". Im sure you will start soon as you are having all the symptoms of... Read More »

My friends' period is late Help please!?

Period every 1-2 weeks is not normal, but her present condition COULD be normal. This is usually caused by hormonal imbalance. And this can only be treated with the use of a hormonal pill, which yo... Read More » period always come late.!?

Did you recently have your first period? Sometimes, it takes 2 years for your period to regulate itself into a pattern. Some girls skip a month or two when they first start. But you should see a do... Read More »