My period is driving me nuts! What can I do about it?

Answer theres really nothing you can do about it but keep buying pads. you could try tampons so you wont have to take them out every 4 to 8 might also want to see a doctor. your not suppose to h... Read More »

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Twitching eye is driving me nuts!! Possible causes please?

although you say you are not lacking sleep,it could be your not getting a quality sleep,and your eye muscles arent settling down.hense this problem,I think its called REM(rapid eye movement), My do... Read More »

How do i stop someone from stealing my style its driving me NUTS!?

idk, but i like your avitar...i think i'll change mine to that

My neighbours' marijuana smoke stinks like skunk and it's driving me nuts!?

Sounds as though you have more issues w/them than just pot.Perhaps your best bet is to leave well enough alone.Would you rather have drunks for neighbors? child abusers? spouse beaters?

Can someone give you instructions on how to tune in channels on a sanyo tv 25bn1 its driving you nuts?

The Product: Electrohome 27E510 The Problem: 3rd Party Universal Remote when trying to "scan" for correct codes inadvertently activates a diagnostics setting on the TV set. The Symptoms: The wo... Read More »