My penis is really small, i heard rubbing miracle grow on it will plump it up?

Answer some guys just don't have itlive with it

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What is in Miracle Grow?

Miracle-Gro is a synthetic fertilizer consisting of 24 percent nitrogen, 8 percent phosphate, 16 percent potash, 0.02 percent boron, 0.07 percent copper, 0.15 percent chelated iron, 0.05 percent ma... Read More »

Is miracle grow bad for you?

What are the ingredients of miracle grow?

According to what I could find, the ingredients are as follows: Ammonium phosphate Urea Potassium chloride Boric acid Copper sulfate Iron EDTA Magnesium EDTA Urea phosphate Zinc sulfate So... Read More »

How to Grow Miracle Fruit?

Miracle fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) is a tropical native from West Africa. When chewed, the fruit coats the taste buds, which causes sour food to taste sweet! What's more, this neat change can la... Read More »