My pc wont starts. it makes beep-beep-beep sound continueously. please help me to fix the problem.?

Answer How many beeps before it stops? Its important to know the exact number.

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My PC has got starting problem, when I switch on i get beep continous beep sound ,blank to solve?

i think your RAM has gone check with other one.

My smoke alarm makes a Beep sound every minute or so. What does it mean?

when those things make that beeping noise....sounds like cricket almost, it is its way of telling you that the battery is low. if changing the battery does not work, take the unit down and blow t... Read More »

I have an Acer X1200 PC, and it makes a boop or beep sound once in a while. Does anyone know why?

According to the spec sheet, this desktop was only supplied with the "industry standard" PSU of 220 watts which means that if you have added a GPU or other hardware, there might be a heat problem a... Read More »

During a phone call, what does the periodic beep or pip sound signify?

This is called minutes minder. Beep sound reminds you of call duration at the end of every one minute or two minutes or three minutes ( as it has been set by the service provider).This facility i... Read More »