My pc too slow please help!!!!?

Answer Dear Sam, 1. Check the hard disk ... Go to My Computer >>> Right click on C: >>> Properties >>> Disk Cleanup (to remove useless files) ... Again from Properties >>> Tools >>> Check Now >>> Tick on... Read More »

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Help please........comp.slow?

put memory chip or click refresh button 10 times put unwanted files in recycle bin

My computer is so slow...please help.?

What are the specs of computer? If you are low on memory and running some heavy program(like Norton anti-virus), then your computer will be slow. Still, here are some tips you may follow:>Increase ... Read More »

My computer is too slow, help please!?

As for hardware:1. Get information about your motherboard so you can see with what things it's compatible.2. Replace or increase your RAM to at least 1gb.3. Replace or increase your GPU to at least... Read More »

Why is my computer so slow and unresponsive PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!?

Computers run very slow sometimes due to many reasons. If the hard disk is full then it can make the system slow, low capacity of RAM, If the computer has unnecessary network drives, The virus att... Read More »