My pc switches of ofter 5min What could be wrong with it?

Answer Sounds like it is overheating. Could be your power supply isn't getting cooled like it should. Check the back of you computer for the air vents...and make sure they are all clear (you can simply ... Read More »

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When you watch Pro Stock races on ESPN you see the drivers flipping overhead switches at the end of a run What are these switches and what do they control?

Several weeks before the season starts. You are able to create accounts and leagues at any time. The offical league kicks off starts on the second Thursday of September.

Regular Light Switches Vs. Rocker Type Switches?

If you are building or renovating a house, you may be trying to decide between rocker-style light switches and traditional light switches. While both types will function similarly, there is a diff... Read More »

Ofter computer hardware which coures?

Try rephrasing your question in English first, thanks! buh bye

How ofter is the state of the union address given?