My pc screen says out of range how do i fix it?

Answer You need to change the resolution on your machine. I don't know what OS you're trying to use, but if it's Windows you're trying to use, then go into safe mode and try to change the resolutions sett... Read More »

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Computer monitor says "no signal and out of range"?

First check if your video card is set properlyCheck the cable of monitor to be set properlyStart in Safe Mode by pressing F8 several time after you turn on and adjust resolution.A few month ago I h... Read More »

Ive been given a hp 1502 monitor but when i plug it in it says input signal out of range please help?

Lower the resolution setting of your computer, your monitor cannot display it.set for default grahics setting

Input signal out of range! even when i click safe mode it still says this, how do i stop it!!!!!!!!?

It sounds like it is trying to make an Internet connection automatically every time you boot up or log on. And if that is happening, it most likely is trying for a specific wireless Access Point t... Read More »

The screen says "Press any key to continue..."?

They hid it from you. Here's what you do... Take your keyboard and turn it upside down on your computer desk, so that the keys are against the desk. Then, forcefully push down on the keyboard. T... Read More »