My pc randomly shuts down whilst trying to install windows 7?

Answer You need to boot it with a boot able disk to see if it is the hard drive or not... If it boots from Linux, windows live, UBD then you know the hard drive is bad...

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My computer randomly shuts down?

most likely overheating.try cleaning out all the dusty inside and cleaning the fans and etc.use compressed air to clean it out..not a wet towel. don't use anything to 'wipe' inside the computer.may... Read More »

Laptop randomly shuts down?

TRY Recovery Management program which can be used to completely restore the hard drive to factory-fresh condition, by copying data from a hidden partition on your machine's hard drive.

My laptop shuts down randomly, any solutions?

Get a can of compressed air and blow out all the openings. You might have a stuck fan or an overheat condition.

LG KS360 Problem shuts down randomly?

Mine does the exact same thing and I haven't even had it for a year. I think they're just made poorly to make them cheaper for their target buyers who are teenagers.