My pc keeps crashing on me?

Answer What anti-Virus/SpyWare are you running? and have you run a scan recently?I can recommend some good free downloads for you.I am presuming it's virus related as you seem supprised that it crashing s... Read More »

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;;How can i stop my adobe flash player from keep on crashing..?

uninstall the program... go to control panel > add/remove programs > and remove the program... and reinstall it....… or use the troubleshooting links on t... Read More »

Have you ever Being sad over crashing a car?

Everyone that has a brain will feel the same after they have lost a vehicle but its just a car and you're alive and will get over it !!

Why do all my PC games keep crashing?

its probly bcos of overheating,bcos u say sooner or later if its its the CPU,GPU problem than it shudent work in the first-place in most cases,b sure u get ventlation on ur com/laptop bcos if its h... Read More »

Why MCedit keeps crashing?

Delete it from your system and reinstall it again. Make sure your device has enough free space in the memory.There have been many complaints of MCEdit being unstable, so you better start looking fo... Read More »