My pc is verrryyyy slow. A friend suggested dumping my cookies. How do I do that?

Answer To dump your cookies, right click on your internet explorer icon, then under general, click delete, then it will give you options, and click on delete cookies. You may also want to delete programs... Read More »

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When a friend suggested some person to me on Facebook?

Yes B will know, because B will get a notification asking to add you as a friend.

Who was the scientist that suggested that atoms contained smaller particles?

I think season 6 Because all of the heroes come in at the same time and it does not make it confusing...... You know what i mean?

My computer is so noisy and so slow right now, I did defragmentation and disc clean up, got read off cookies?

Well, you have done a good job in maintenance. However, you missed a couple of vital steps. One of the problems here is the registry. This is your computer largest filing system. It holds all info ... Read More »

My friend said she had to adjust her insulin if she ate one of my cookies..?

People with Diabetes have problems controlling their sugar levels, so after you're cookies her sugar levels will rise uncontrollably making her ill. Therefore she needs to adjust her insulin to bri... Read More »