My pc detect the usb card readerbut i can't read memory cardplease help me?

Answer Sounds like it's been corrupted.  This can happen when it's removed without using "safely remove" or "eject."  It can also happen when it's been written to many times and has just worn out, or de... Read More »

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I have a targus card reader & it wont read my my xd memory card?

Does your Targus Card Reader actually accept XD Memory Cards, my friend?Is it the correct type of Memory card that your Card Reader can read?

Plz Help card reader doesn't read memory card!?

I/O error is due to either bad/no connection between computer and device or the card itself is faulty. If the card has a switch for data wright protection on it make sure it is set to unlock so th... Read More »

Why in your card reader cant read your memory card?

There are so many reasons why it occurs. Maybe your memory card is not functioning or your card reader itself. There's also a posibility that you card reader is not compatible with your memory card... Read More »

How to Fix a PS2 That Can't Read a Memory Card?

If your PlayStation 2 video game console can't read the data that is stored on a memory card, that memory card is corrupted and will have to be formatted. This will involve deleting all of the save... Read More »