My partner has really bad breath?

Answer For me, I gargle with Listerine at night and in the morning to kill off the bacteria. He could also use Listerine during the day and brush his teeth after lunch.Breath mints and chewing gum might h... Read More »

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How do I get rid of really bad breath?

Use pure hydrogen peroxide in the brown bottle that you can get at most stores. It's usually by the rubbing alcohol. It should say on there that it's for oral debriding and cuts (NOT the kind you... Read More »


With the Oolitt tongue scraper fold into a "U" shape and place as far back on the tongue as you can see when you pull it forward with the other hand. Use a clean wash cloth to grasp the tongue. Scr... Read More »

My breath really smells.?

It could be something that you're eating, bread, rice, whole grains...etc.. or it could mean that you might have a tape worm. That's what happened to my fiance, He brushes his teeth every day and s... Read More »

My feet smell REALLY bad...nobody will be my partner in gym..what do i do?

I saw on Oprah Dr. Oz told people to soak their feet in tea bags with water. He said the tea will detox the water out from your feet. You just boil some water, throw it in a bucket with your tea ... Read More »