My part makes a sound during sex...?

Answer I know this sounds funnyGeorge Carlin calls it a Pussy FartIt's normal, his penis pushes the air in and its just coming out down there that makes the sound.

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When i pull on my ear lobes it makes a cracking sound (like cracking your knuckles sound)?

You have an ear infection. you should go to the doctor though because it might be more serious.

Is it normal for the rectangular part of the laptop adaptor to make a buzzing sound?

IF you didn't hear it before and it was down then it was normal but if it was down and was buzzing then there is no big deal it's maybe because it's transforming the electricity so fast or slow or... Read More »

Which part of the plant makes seeds?

The male and female part of the plant makes its seed. The male part of the plant is called the stamen. It consists of the anther and filament. The female part, the pistil, is more complex as it con... Read More »

What Part of the Plant Makes Seeds?

In flowering plants, the female reproductive structures that produce seeds are contained within the carpels of the flower. A carpel consists of the stigma, style and ovary. The ovary contains ovule... Read More »