My parents wont let me get a webcam. . .?

Answer You're only 13. A webcam is not appropriate for you. Your parents are in charge. Please respect their wishes.

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Help! My webcam wont work.. :(?

Hello, Many users have problems with web cams. Press the designated button to turn on your camera. If you are using an external camera, use a compatible USB cable to connect the camera to the USB p... Read More »

Help my webcam wont work with chatroulette etc anymore?

Try re-installing your Flash client - that's what chatroulette uses - it might have corrupted.

Im 15 years old and want to be vegan but my parents wont let me?

First off, let me congratulate you on your choice! Going vegan can be a tough choice for many reasons. My sister is your age and she is going through the exact same situation as you are. It can be ... Read More »

How do you get a cell phone but your parents wont let you get one?

well u should always be good and maybe thay will let u so me perfect!