My parents will not co-sign for student loans... how can I get them?

Answer Federal student loans like Perkins, and Stafford loans require no cosigner and no credit check. Apply at http://fafsa.ed.govIf you can't attend college on federal student loans, scholarships and w... Read More »

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How should a student pay for college if their parents refuse to pay and FAFSA gives only loans to them?

File as an independent, not as dependent on your parents. This way they look at your personal income, not your parents. This also means your parents cannot claim you on their taxes-- which gets the... Read More »

What Loan company will take over my federal student loans when the loans are in default?

When your federal educational loans are in default, you have several options:You can repay the loan in full.You can negotiate a new payment plan with your lender.You can "rehabilitate" your loan.Yo... Read More »

Student loans, is there an organization that will help you with pay your student loan?

There you go :…Good luck !

How to get student loans if my parents won't cosign?

It is very tough to get a student loan without a co-signer even if the co-signer makes over $19,000 as another person as suggested. I was the victim of a scam and my credit got ruined. My Dad has e... Read More »