My parents want full access to my Facebook.?

Answer Buy your own computer and pay for your own internet service.

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Parents want my facebook password?

Your parents are understandably concerned and are taking precautions to keep you safe. I understand if you feel that they are intruding your privacy. I am honestly on your side. Personally, I think... Read More »

My parents are extremely protective. They don't want me to get a facebook, myspace, or anything like that.?

I just ate my first full meal and don't want to purge but I do want to.?

Stop purging and enjoy the fruits of your mom's labour.You need to put on a few pounds, don't you? If you feel the urge to purge, just splurge and eat an ice cream cone. ;)

I want to hack into someone's Facebook but I don't want my location to be in the security?

Well, if the person you are hacking doesn't know how to check the security on facebook you should have no problems. There really isn't a way to actually hide your location, but after you hack it an... Read More »