My parents think I'm weird for wanting to be vegan...?

Answer Your parent’s reaction sounds like it's coming from a good place even if they could have been a bit more tactile. Firstly I would recognise that parents always want to protect their kids. They ma... Read More »

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Do you think it's weird that parents have facebooks?

Yes cause its kind of a whole teenage thing in a sense, but I guess its better they have a facebook then a myspace to keep in touch lol.

My parents won't stop lecturing me about being vegan!!! They think I'm being too extreme. what should I do?

You need to have a more general discussion about how you all work together to make decisions. And in that process you absolutely respect their opinions and ideas, but there are times when you may n... Read More »

Vegan parents, would you take advantage of charity programs that couldn't provide vegan options?

Tell me, are these hypothetical charities also telling Jewish parents that they can't guarantee that their kids won't be fed pork, or parents of coeliac children that they can't guarantee their chi... Read More »

What's the fear behind parents not wanting their kids to tell them what to do?

everyone in my family has a voice and an input into everything we do. THATS CALLED MUTUAL RESPECT