My parents made me eat a whole F**KING bar of soap!?

Answer Honestly? That's not healthy. I would see a doctor.. and maybe child protective services....

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How is soap made?

The most basic kind of soap is made from some things that may surprised you: namely, lye and animal fat! The two are heated together, and then cooled. The process is called "saponification," and... Read More »

What is dish soap made of?

Ingredients found in dish soap are water; sodium laureth sulfate; sodium lauryl sulfate; SD alcohol; alkyl dimethyl amine oxide; sodium chloride; PPG-26; PEI-14 PEG-10/PPG-7 copolymer; triclosan; c... Read More »

What is borax soap made of?

What is sugar soap made of?

Sugar soap is made of sodium carbonate and sodium phosphate, and sometimes sodium silicate. It is extremely abrasive and powerful. It looks like table sugar, which is where its name derives.Referen... Read More »