My parents know i have myspace. but nt facebook. wat do i do?

Answer if you think about it, facebook is like myspace, and you really have nothing to worry about. just tell your parents that a lot of your friends have a facebook account, friends that you havent seen ... Read More »

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My Parents won't let me get a Myspace or Facebook...HELP!?

Why do parents tell their 12 year olds that they can't have a Myspace/Facebook?

Cuz they think strangers and old people are gonna get our address... and rape us and stuff like that. and other things

My parents are extremely protective. They don't want me to get a facebook, myspace, or anything like that.?

How to Use MySpace Without Your Parents Being Mad?

Using Myspace without parental permission may seem easy, but can end up as a gigantic problem to deal with if you're caught. This article is for 13-16 year olds, because that's the age when they wi... Read More »