My parents know i have myspace. but nt facebook. wat do i do?

Answer if you think about it, facebook is like myspace, and you really have nothing to worry about. just tell your parents that a lot of your friends have a facebook account, friends that you havent seen ... Read More »

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Why do parents tell their 12 year olds that they can't have a Myspace/Facebook?

Cuz they think strangers and old people are gonna get our address... and rape us and stuff like that. and other things

My Parents won't let me get a Myspace or Facebook...HELP!?

How do I know if people stalk me on my Facebook and Myspace?

First off, I think we need to define stalking; people often use the term incorrectly.Stalking is intimidating someone by overtly following someone, trespassing on their property, contacting in a ha... Read More »

My parents are extremely protective. They don't want me to get a facebook, myspace, or anything like that.?