My parents keep checking my myspace?

Answer get over it they are your parents they can check your myspace all they want...there shoulnd't be anything bad on there anyway!

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Can parents go online to see where u are by checking th gps on your phone?

Sory dear. Its possible. Ur gprs data pack browsing history and may be some downloaded data etc. And another if sim is issue on their name so they can ask any time to cellular comapany about out go... Read More »

How long can the IRS keep a checking account frozen?

The IRS can freeze a checking account until it collects the funds owed. The IRS will send a legal notice to the bank and the taxpayer. The person owing the taxes will have 21 days to challenge the ... Read More »

Why Does My iPhone Keep Checking for Mail?

With its high speed, always-on Internet, Apple's iPhone allows to stay constantly connected with what's going on online, be it via specific websites or social networking tools like Facebook or Twit... Read More »

Do parents overreact to myspace?

If parents allow their kids on-line unsupervised, they have no room to complain about my-space. The entire net can be a dangerous place and many kids don't realize just how dangerous it can be. My-... Read More »