My page has gone too big for the screen?

Answer Right click on a blank space on the desktop and change the setting for screen size under display. Depends on your screen size but try 1024 X 768 first.

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Why has my page gone huge?

Is it everything on you screen that turns big or just the internet?If it is just the internet click somewhere on the page hold down Control, and scroll with the wheel on your mouse until the text ... Read More »

My google page has gone black?

It's New... thats all... I saw it also today... and I have Vista.And why not try this... searching the web easier by responding results from Google, MSN, Yahoo. Uncove... Read More »

Computer screen has gone all blue, ....!?

Try rebooting the computer.What was the last thing that you did with the computer before it happened?

Why has my computer screen gone almost black?

press FN and Up Arrow repeatedly see if it helps.