My page has gone too big for the screen?

Answer Right click on a blank space on the desktop and change the setting for screen size under display. Depends on your screen size but try 1024 X 768 first.

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How do i take a photo of a page on screen?

Print ScreenLook at your keyboard. Locate the "Print Screen" button. This literally takes a picture of the current display on your computer screen and copies it to the clipboard of your computer. O... Read More »

How do you take a screen shot of a page?

press thePrtScSys Reqbutton on your keyboard next to the F12 button.If you successfully took a screen shot your cursor will normally blink. Once you're done press ctrl + v to paste, or simply right... Read More »

How do I get my home page to fit my screen?

Have you tried maximizing the page? Go to the top right hand corner of the page and click on middle box, (you are looking for a rectangular shape)

How do I get screen page back?